Our 2018 New & Favorites catalog is 128 pages and includes 147 new items from Prime and Jetline. Cover personalization is available for both the print and digital editions. Contact customer service for more information.




What does this acquisition mean for me?

  • You now have many more price points under $5 to choose from. Prime becomes a one stop for items $.50 to $50 and higher.
  • Jetline carries huge inventory of lower priced items, many of which are available with free 24-hour rush service.
  • Jetline’s facility in South Carolina is only 1-2 days transit time for ground service to Florida and other states in the southeast region.

Will Jetline be independent or be absorbed by Prime?

  • Jetline operations will continue under Prime management at its facility in Gaffney, S.C. Jetline will continue to use its existing ASI and PPAI numbers -- ASI #63344 and PPAI #113558.

What changes will occur for Prime Line® customers?

  • There will be no significant changes or disruption of service

Where should I send Jetline orders?

  • Continue to send your orders directly to Jetline. By email to; by fax to 864.752.1417.

Who should I contact to check order status for Jetline orders?

  • You should continue to contact Jetline directly. For order status, call toll free 877.858.9908 or email

Who should I contact with questions about Jetline products and services?

  • You should continue to contact Jetline directly. Call toll free 877.858.9908 or email

If I have EQP with Jetline, will I also get EQP with Prime?

  • Yes. All existing special pricing arrangements will remain in effect until otherwise discussed and agreed to in writing.
  • Where should I send payments for Jetline invoices?
  • Continue to send payments to Jetline at the remittance address on the invoice.

Does Prime’s Price Match policy apply to Jetline products?

  • No. Even though the Prime and Jetline product lines offer similar items, there may be differences in product quality and costs that would prohibit price matching.

Are Jetline’s products safe and compliant?

  • Yes. Jetline is a QCA accredited supplier. All applicable products are compliant with CPSIA.

Will Prime’s lifetime guarantee apply to the Jetline product line?

  • No.