Our 2018 New & Favorites catalog is 128 pages and includes 147 new items from Prime and Jetline. Cover personalization is available for both the print and digital editions. Contact customer service for more information.


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Unique Rubik's® Cube Variations
Rubiks Flashlight Rubiks Puzzle Pen Rubik's Cube Stress Reliever
PL-1261 Rubik's®
PL-4229 Rubik's®
PL-3631 Rubik's®
Puzzle Flashlight
PL-4039 Rubik's®
Key Chain
PL-4038 Rubik's®
Puzzle Pen
PL-3632 Rubik's®
Snake Puzzle
PL-4578 Rubik's®
Cube Stress Reliever
Custom Overseas»Direct
Custom Rubiks Flashlight Custom Rubik's PuzzlePen Rubik's Twist-A-Snake Custom Rubiks Custom USB Memory Drives
PL-4656 Rubik's®
Custom NoteNest
PL-4252 Rubik's®
Custom Highlighter
PL-3916 Rubik's® Custom Puzzle Flashlight PL-3658 Rubik's®
Custom Key Chain
PL-4032 Rubik's® Custom Puzzle Pen PL-4573 Rubik's®
Custom Twist-A-Snake
PL-3652, PL-3653,
PL-3654, PL-3655 Rubik's® Custom USB Memory Drives
1GB - 8GB Capacities

Traditional Rubik's® Cube Variations
Rubik's 9-Panel Micro Cube Key Holder Rubik's 4-Panel Mini Stock Cube Rubik's 4-Panel Full Stock Cube
PL-4685 Rubik's®
Original 9-Panel Cube
PL-4455 Rubik's®
9-Panel Micro Cube
Key Holder
PL-4675 Rubik's®
4-Panel Mini Stock Cube
PL-4655 Rubik's®
4-Panel Full Stock Cube
Creative Puzzle Variations
Custom Overseas»Direct
Rubik's 9-Panel Full Custom Cube Rubik's 9-Panel Micro Cube Key Holder Rubik's 9-Panel Micro Custom Key Holder 4-Panel Custom Mini 4-Panel Custom Full Rubik's 4x4 Master Cube Rubik's Flip-Flop custom
PL-4690 Rubik's®
9-Panel Custom Cube
PL-4691 Rubik's®
Express Custom
9-Panel Cube
PL-4460 Rubik's®
9-Panel Micro Custom
Key Holder
PL-4680 Rubik's®
4-Panel Mini Custom Cube
PL-4660 Rubik's®
4-Panel Full Custom Cube
PL-4598 Rubik's®
4x4 Master Cube Custom
Rubik's® Flip-Flop Custom